Given the high repeatability rates that transactional business forms provide, there are certain strategies print service providers should use when looking for selling opportunities.

Of course, you focus on industries that have a lot of transactional activity, including invoicing and statements. Aim for small, family-owned companies.

Not only are these areas usually overlooked by sales reps, but they also tend to use outdated technology. Also, target niche and vertical markets. Because of their specialized focus, these firms tend to stay with existing forms for a long time – making them a great customer for repeat orders.

The next step is calling on the right decision-maker.  Avoid marketing and purchasing personnel. They either don’t have forms applications or they buy based on price. Instead, turn your attention toward employees who deal with the operations – such as the office manager, human resources or IT.

There are tremendous opportunities for you to capitalize on today’s multi-billion dollar business forms industry. Stay tuned for more solutions from Wise.