WiseLink Devices

Our WiseLink online and mobile-enabled distributor support website puts you in control to manage orders, warehousing, and distribution for your customers, anywhere.

Typical WiseLink Applications

  • Review order status to follow where jobs are in the production process
  • Provide Advanced Shipping Notifications, via email, on order shipments per order or as a daily summary
  • Reproduce invoices on-demand so customers will not have to call to request a reprinted invoice
  • Plan order pick-ups or have items shipped to a specific location
  • Place exact repeat and/or stock product orders
  • Check inventory quantities and release orders
  • Provide detailed, real-time reporting to monitor inventory
  • WiseLink can release orders as necessary, conveniently release product or review invoices, at any time
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Order Management

  • Order Status: Sortable list of all production jobs by individual jobs, purchase order, ship to or job number
  • Access UPS/FedEx Tracking Interface
  • Invoice Reporting and Reprinting

Warehouse Management

  • Create New Release Orders
  • Sortable Lists of Release Order Information
  • Create New Receiving Orders
  • Real-time Stock Level Reporting
  • Inventory Usage Reporting

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