The world of business has undergone a digital transformation that is affecting how virtually all operations and processes are run. And as more consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices to place orders for goods and services, it is critical for printing companies to offer a platform that can be leveraged on the go.

According to a report published by TechSci Research in July 2015, the global mobile and portal printer market is expected to reach more than $13 billion by 2020. In the announcement, the organization explained that this growth can be attributed to developments in digital technologies and cloud computing, these innovations becoming more integrated with printing solutions and the workforce getting more mobile.

Advantages of mobile-enabled print portals
There are many benefits to firms working with print providers that offer Web-based platforms and online portals, some of which are highlighted below.

  • More control and visibility. Being able to access an online system allows businesses to see into essential operations and processes. It gives them a way to track, monitor and manage orders at any time, from anywhere. This, in turn, leads to greater control.
  • Enhanced efficiency. A digital platform lets buyers organize and sort job lists using a variety of criteria, such as form description, job number or ship dates. This facilitates a more streamlined approach to workflow production and increases the speed and accuracy of business functions.
  • Better automation. Another benefit to mobile-enabled printing portals is that they offer companies a way to automate invoicing and reporting, allowing them to place repeat orders online, on demand and on the go. Advanced shipping notifications can be received directly and automatically via email. The immediate reproduction cycle eliminates the need for the customer to waste time calling the print distributor to place an order, get an update or request a summary of inventory levels.

The technological advancements of this century have greatly enhanced the operational efficiency of organizations. But the paper and print industry has, for the most part, been one of the slower markets to adapt to the evolution of electronics. And this is an issue that needs to be corrected.

As business executives become more reliant on their digital devices to communicate and work, it is going to become increasingly necessary for print providers to leverage a mobile-friendly solution. Utilizing an online portal benefits both the seller and the buyer because it allows both parties to save time, improve their level of service and customer satisfaction and, in turn, drive revenue.