For any business to achieve its full potential, it needs to utilize every available advantage. Everyone recognizes the damage that a mistake can have on a company's bottom line, but missed opportunities can be just as destructive. 

So what does this have to do with custom forms? Well, by leveraging these resources effectively, businesses can take advantage of a lot of opportunities that would otherwise slip through their fingers. Custom forms have the potential to become invaluable assets for firms, but only when they are utilized effectively.

With that in mind, here are three tips for leveraging customer business forms.

1. Establish the brand
It cannot be overstated how important it is for businesses to establish their brands. Every company strives to create an identity that is so unique that consumers who see the organization's name or logo immediately recognize what the firm is, what it offers and why it's special. The gold standard for most companies is reaching a point where a wordless logo can convey all of this information – think about the Nike swoosh, for example, or Starbucks' green siren image. 

Reaching that stage is not practical for smaller firms, but that doesn't make brand establishment any less important. Even small businesses need to find ways to demonstrate their values and attitude to potential and existing customers. Custom business forms can play a key role in these efforts. With unique imagery, fonts, color schemes and layouts, many necessary business forms – such as invoices, order forms and the like – can serve to establish the brand, in addition to performing their necessary basic functions. To this end, companies should take the time to really think about the best ways to feature their unique brand aesthetics on their customized business forms – rushing here will undermine the effectiveness of the visuals.

2. Encourage familiarity
Just as importantly, businesses need to encourage consumers to become familiar with their brands. Firm must remain present in customers' minds so that, when the time comes, they'll remember that company and turn to it specifically for whatever products or services the business offers and they need.

Customized forms can help in this capacity. With invoices, checks, coupons, receipts and more, companies have the potential to gain more contact points with existing and potential customers. Firms can go even further in this direction by specifically making customized business forms a component of their marketing strategies. By putting these assets front and center, businesses can make the most of their audience interactions.

3. New revenue opportunities
Finally, it's important to recognize that customized business forms can create new revenue opportunities. Companies can ensure that whenever a customer receives an invoice, he also receives a coupon for a future order – one that isn't a generic "10 percent off," but rather reflects the firm's actual, specific offerings. This will be far more likely to spur the customer to make another purchase, and therefore nets the company a sale that would otherwise not have occurred.