Companies don't have to go completely digital or entirely paperless. They can compromise by recycling their paper products and decreasing paper usage in the office.

Recycling and staying green
There are many benefits of using physical documents over electronic. According to Independent Tribune, businesses often overlook the issue of e-waste. Digital devices need to be replaced every few years while paper never presents that need. The source estimated there are between 20 and 50 million tons of electronic waste created each year.

Organizations can be greener by continuing to use paper products. They can do so by paying attention to the amount of paper they're using and encourage recycling. According to American Forest & Paper Association, in 2013, 63.5 percent of paper consumed in the United States was recycled. In the past five years, it's exceeded 63 percent.

If businesses continue to recycle and be as green as they can with paper consumption, they may overcome the digital preferences of most. Only 15 percent of Americans have turned to electronic payments for bills, which just shows what they want.

The Independent Tribune also highlighted how without paper, there would be no children's artwork. Little things like this almost make paper worth having. Parents love to have artwork on their fridge from their children and save their report cards and essays from school. There isn't as much meaning in the product if it's digitized.

Keeping a balance 
Companies that are considering paperless should instead think about going green with paper. When they recycle, they can stay environmentally beneficial and keep paper products. It's always tempting to welcome an entirely digital world, but various problems still remain.

Paper feels more official and meaningful. It's very easy to ignore emails or digital PDFs, but much harder to disregard physical memos in the office. At home, paper bills on the table can't be ignored. When they're sent through email or electronic notifications, they are very easy to forget about. Electronic paperwork is unreliable – once it's lost, it's lost forever. Paperwork can only be misplaced, if that. When companies implement a good organization system, they will rarely lose any documentation.

When paper distributors want to advertise, they should always choose to use paper products. It's easy to be convinced about digital, but they should only recognize{ the} usefulness of social media and a website. Otherwise, sending paper pamphlets and ads to customers will get their attention better than any electronic newsletter will.

No company has to choose a black or white option. Even those who are convinced they need to go paperless should consider keeping a certain amount of paper products in the office. Employees may prefer using paper products and it's only right to give them that opportunity. The paper industry has to consider what marketing options will work while facing a digital environment. While everyone is using electronic devices, what advertisement is going to stand out more – paper or digital?