Entrepreneurs want to get people to talk more about their business but most might not know how to break the ice. Is there anything more awkward than dredging up some dead-end small talk at company events? How about getting zero likes on a Facebook post? It's a waste of time, energy and reputation. Stop what you're doing and instead look to print products to get the job done. 

Say something witty
Your business card can be a great tool because most of them are ordinary. Glancing over the name, number and email can make you eyes glaze over. Use this as your niche and design a card that's affective and unique. 

Think of it like this: Someone submits a job application among the seemingly endless pile of papers. Another person has to go through them and essentially sees the same thing over and over again. When do they stop and say "this is it"? It's when they've found something worthwhile, funny, unique or witty. 

Apply the same kind of strategy to developing a business card. Nearly every market still uses them, which means there is usually a pile to sort through. An Ipsos poll of 1,007 people found that 34 percent of small businesses in America indicated business cards are very impactful when it comes to networking. More than 75 percent of Americans and people who own small businesses agreed that they keep the cards as a point of reference.

This means that a lot of business men and women have to sift through a stack of cards when they're trying to get in touch with someone. Make yours noticeable. Get people talking about your business by creating a product that makes a statement. Observe what everyone's talking about and chime in on the conversation.

Put it all on the table
In addition to providing a personal flair in print products, businesses that distribute magazines, flyers and catalogs should make content easy to understand. No one wants to sift through a novel that's written in convoluted phrases and incomprehensible statistics.

Break it down for your audience as if you're having a conversation with a friend. It'll help them remember what you're saying but it'll also keep the conversation going. Unlike content that's offered on mobile devices or via the Internet, your catalog or flyer can sit out on a coffee table and be a way someone strikes up some chit chat at the company get-together. All of a sudden,10 people are talking about your business and product, which can then turn into more chatter when those guests tell their friends about the party. 

Offer an incentive
Companies can also use print products as a way to lure people in by attaching a discount to them. A survey conducted by People Pulse backed up that assertion. The organization found that 55 to 75 percent of people responded when an incentive was offered compared to the 40 to 60 percent who did when one wasn't. 

Companies that'd like to engage more people with their content or lure them into the business should consider giving them something in exchange for their time. Everyone is busy so give someone a reason to invest time in your product.