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Currently there are 1.4 million organizations registered with the IRS as non-profit organizations. It is estimated that over eight million people are employed through the non-profit sector. Non-profits rely heavily on word of mouth and active donor participation to get the word out about their mission. The non-profit sector is often overlooked due to the perception that there are not many opportunities within the market. We know that couldn’t be further from the truth! Many print opportunities exist within the non-profit market. Non-profit organizations often seek the services of print professionals to produce personalized direct mail such as brochures, pledge cards, and other marketing collateral that increase donations and organization awareness.

Print materials remain one of the primary factors for success within the non-profit market. The National Center for Charitable Statistics reported the majority of contributions in the non-profit market come through individuals and direct mail efforts. Donors over the age of forty, which account for a large part of charitable donations, are also more likely to respond through direct mail.


  • Donor Letters
  • Annual Membership Cards
  • Fundraising Forms
  • Direct Mail
  • Cut Sheets
  • Pledge Forms
  • Alumni Letters
  • Reply Envelopes

Decision Makers

  • Professional Organizations
  • Alumni
  • Museums
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Education
  • Health
  • Foundations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Art/Culture/Humanities
  • Conservation Leagues