In today's big data business world, the importance of analytics is always important. Between all the different ways that businesses can use data and metrics to be more effective and efficient, certain facets of operating a company sometimes get overlooked. Printing is often seen as an afterthought, a necessary byproduct of organizational processes. But print can be utilized to provide valuable data to companies.

Print distributors offer companies a unique chance to better run their business with big data techniques. Printing is an essential facet of any business, and like in any organization, monitoring and metrics have the potential to help a business become more efficient. As such, companies should look to print distributors to provide them with useful data about their printing habits.

The power of data is in recording, collecting, and utilizing the gigabytes upon gigabytes of data that a given business uses in a day. In fact, the content of what's produced is secondary: it's the metadata – the data about the data – that's useful. Time stamps, quantities, volumes and costs are able to build a wider view of the work that organizations do.

Data-driven distribution
As WhatTheyThink noted, print distributors that give their clients access to the data that the client generates gives them a leg up on their competitors. Providing metrics on print use furthers companies' abilities to analyze and adapt, and to help those companies cut costs and better use print resources through optimization of those uses and practices.

Any company can print a document. But the best print distributors are able to set themselves apart by supplying additional value to their clients with helpful information. Data is an essential part of running a business in the modern era, and collecting and analyzing that data properly to affect organizational change is a significant challenge for companies, but being able to get data from one of the most-used features of the office is a good place to start.

Properly producing print
Print distributors can not only offer companies more information about the print products they use, but they also provide a wide range of print products that those companies can use to further optimize their practices. By providing companies with the exact print documents that they're looking for, print distributors can play another essential part in streamlining the business workflow.

Organizations that are able to better utilize their data to affect their print strategy, as CIO Insight contributor Dave Zamorski discussed, can save a large amount in costs. Figuring out how best to manage a print strategy doesn't just save the client money, it helps to improve sustainability as well. 

Partnering with print distributors are the perfect option for companies looking to streamline the costs of print production. They offer on-demand, flexible printing that is able to get organizations the products they need, printed to their standards. Data-driven print distribution helps companies be more flexible, efficient, and sustainable.