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Check fraud is big business. The problem is that technology is advancing so rapidly, it has become incredibly easy to create false documents. Our blank check stock, rich in security features, makes it difficult for your checks to be copied and offers the best in anti-fraud protection.

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Target Audiences

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Shipping & Receiving

Security Features

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers

Visible only under UV light; confirm a document’s authenticity because they can’t be photocopied or scanned.

TonerFuse® II Coatings

To protect documents that include toner-printing, these coatings bond the toner to the paper fibers. Now nearly twice as effective as other brands. Several coatings are available to meet the needs of specific applications.

Primary Indicator Stains

These measures protect against alteration by changing color when exposed to agents such as bleaches, solvents, acids or bases. Provide easily recognizable signs of attempted alteration.

Heat Sensitive Check 21 Logo

Disappears when rubbed or heated.

Microprint Check Border

Extremely small type (.010). It appears as a straight line to the naked eye but can be verified under magnification. When attempts are made to copy or scan, the type becomes a solid line.

Top Position Border Warning in Panto Ink Color

A warning is printed in the border advising that security features are on the check. It gives the recipient the opportunity to verify the check and reject it if the features do not match the warning description.

VOID Pantographs

When an attempt to photocopy or scan is made, the “VOID” will show up on the copied or scanned check. This process is effective against most black and white and color copiers.