As a print service distributor, you have to strategic about who you are targeting with marketing. In this digital era, many businesses are too quick to wave off paper products and print media as being a thing of the past. And while this is entirely untrue, there is only so much you can do to try to convince them otherwise.

The smarter and more strategic approach for print providers to take is to hone in on the sectors that understand the crucial role of quality printing services because paper products are still a staple in their everyday operations and transactions. And among those key customers are real estate agents.

Realtors: Ready for print
According to Mimeo, most, or 80 percent, of realtors agree that they should be increasing their use of print marketing, underlining the advantageous opportunity print providers have to target this sector. There is no shortage of advertising materials that this industry uses – flyers, brochures and neighborhood mailings, just to name a few. But there is also an abundance of paper products that real estate agents use that aren't related to marketing – and these are where distributors should be turning their attention. For example:

  • Lease applications and agreements
  • Checks
  • Warranty deeds
  • Closing documents

Because of the critical and serious nature of the business documents and forms involved in real estate transactions and processes, realtors tend to take the quality of their paper products and printing services into consideration, more so, at least, than other types of professionals. Plus, it is also worth noting that the industry standard still requires paper documentation for many of the closing agreements. So it is not just that real estate agents prefer print forms; they actually rely on them. 

By leveraging the innovative and cutting-edge solutions of a print service provider, realtors can significantly enhance the workflow process of ordering the paper products they require to execute their jobs. Furthermore, they will be able to feel confident knowing they are using quality forms that are custom designed to make the paperwork as efficient as possible, for both themselves and their clients. Having professional documents and materials helps facilitate faster, smoother real estate operations, allowing realtors, home inspectors, developers and other key players in the industry improve their customer service and, ultimately, the success of their businesses.