As with any industry, print companies must be strategic in which audiences they target. Many organizations are shifting their attention toward digital processes, so marketers need to focus on selling to those still reliant on heavily printed materials. Every field, from education to health care, still benefits from paper-based documents and forms. But one sector that is often overlooked is the automotive industry.

It would be a mistake for print companies to not target these businesses, keeping in mind that they do a lot more than simply sell cars. Let's take a look at some of the most valuable paper products and printed forms automotive firms use that make them important customers for print providers to target.

Invoices and work orders
A large portion of the paper used by an auto company can be attributed to the expansive array of service jobs it performs. Consider just how many things a customer might bring a vehicle into a shop to have repaired, replaced or inspected. The list of services these businesses provide is extensive. And, in turn, they go through a considerable amount of receipts, invoices and work orders. And the type of forms an organization uses can have a direct impact on a client's perception of it.

One of the biggest obstacles companies in the automotive industry face is the widespread feelings of skepticism and suspicion they get from consumers. Many people perceive mechanics and auto repair shops as untrustworthy, which makes them especially careful in making sure they do not get ripped off. This is why it is imperative that businesses are able to provide them with professional, well-organized invoices that clearly outline exactly what they are being charged for.

Given the amount of job tickets and work orders an auto business goes through, it is also important that it has a structured system for paper documents and forms. Car shops need to leverage top-of-the-line wraparound books with custom printed unit sets to make filling out a work, sale or purchase order fast and easy. Using these products will allow businesses to keep both client-facing and internal paper processes organized. 

Service manuals and buyer's guides
The inclusion of service manuals is expected when purchasing a new vehicle. However, automotive companies may also want to create custom service manuals that give their shoppers extra information, recommendations and guidance on a car. Another way to demonstrate superiority is to offer buyer's guides.

However, to distinguish itself as a credible and authoritative presence, it is important for an company to use printed materials that are professional looking, made from high-quality paper and include the brand of the organization. And this is where partnering with an expert print provider comes into play. 

Purchase agreements
One of the most critical documents used by car dealerships is purchase agreements. These forms are proof of a sale and act as a contract for the seller and buyer. The information contained in the items can be rather dense and straightforward. However, tailoring the paper product so it better reflects the unique style, brand and voice of the business can give auto companies an extra flair that makes them stand out. 

Print media
As we have covered before, using printed advertisements presents organizations with the advantageous opportunity to reach consumers in a less-crowded channel. By creating direct mail pieces that are produced with high-quality paper products and expert printing processes, companies can gain a competitive advantage in the market and increase the chances of a customer choosing their auto shop over another. In addition, according to Luxury Daily, recent research has found that print brochures are still preferred over digital versions by people looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Transactional-based forms
Every business sells some type of product or service. Most automotive companies offer both. As such, it is crucial that these organizations have transactional forms and documents with multiple layers of security embedded in them. Customers need to feel confident knowing that their checks or credit card information will not be subject to counterfeiting or fraudulent behavior. To combat the risk of criminal activity, auto firms must used printed products from a provider that specializes in document security. Artificial watermarks, invisible fibers or toner coatings are just some of the features that can be used on a wide variety of print materials, including checks, insurance documents, titles of ownership and certificates.

When looking for ways to drive revenue and expand their respective client bases, it is important that print companies take into account all areas of operation, both internal and external, in which paper products are used. Because the auto industry deals with such a wide and robust list of services, businesses in the market must work with a print provider that is capable of handling the field's diverse needs.

By targeting the organizations that have not yet adopted an all-in-one-solution, distributors can gain a foot in the door the auto sector, grow their customer lists and uncover new opportunities for success.