As this blog has made clear, printed documents are not going away anytime soon. Businesses of all sizes and in every industry continue to rely on printed pages for a huge range of purposes. This includes everything from checks to shipping labels to contracts, invoices, work orders and beyond. 

It's important to keep in mind that print's resilience in the modern workplace comes in two different forms. First and most obviously, companies continue to print many of their own documents. It's rare to find an office today that doesn't have at least one printer hooked up and regularly in action. At the same time, though, businesses are also turning to third-party managed printing services in large numbers. These vendors can deliver printed documents and capabilities that are simply not available via traditional in-office printing, and represent a key reason why printing is not likely to fade away from the business realm any time soon.

OhGizmo! Founder and Editor-In-Chief David Ponce recently highlighted just a few of the reasons why managed printing services have proven to be so invaluable for organizations, and why even more businesses would likely benefit from turning to these vendors for many of their printing needs. 

Outsourcing benefits
Managed printing services can take a number of different forms. Ponce emphasized one of the more extreme versions, in which businesses essentially outsource the entirety of their printing and imaging needs to these third parties. 

This approach has several key advantages, the writer explained. For one thing, the service provider will have far more experience in the realm of printing than the business itself. In many cases, this level of expertise will have a big impact on the quality of the printed documents – especially items that contain high-quality images and more intricate designs. This can be particularly important when it comes to marketing materials, such as flyers, mailers and posters. After all, these products are only effective when they shine a positive light on the company, and that's only possible if they are well-executed – any flaws will make the firm look less professional and undermine the message the marketing materials are intended to convey. 

Additionally, the third-party managed printing services provider will have better printing equipment than a typical business. This, combined with the knowledge that printer possesses, is a recipe for top-quality printed materials, be they for marketing or other purposes.

Another key benefit to working with a managed printing services provider, according to Ponce, is that these firms will have the capabilities to wide-scale printing projects.Many marketing campaigns would certainly fit this description, as would physical newsletters, postcard reminders and a wide range of other business needs. These are the types of tasks that could trip up a business if it attempts to handle the printing in-house, and can prove especially problematic if there are deadlines involved. A trusted managed printing services provider can ensure that no complications arise and that the printed products are delivered on-time and as requested. 

One more advantage: Managed printing services providers assume all responsibility for the equipment they use. Naturally, purchasing high-quality printers, paper and ink can be a steep expense, especially for many smaller businesses. Managed printing services enable such firms to fulfill their printing goals without breaking their budgets on these upfront costs. Just as importantly, Ponce pointed out that that repairs are no longer concerns when businesses work with managed printing services providers – these responsibilities are outsourced. This saves time, money and stress for business leaders, making extensive and advanced printing a far simpler and more straightforward process.

It's also worth noting that this approach to printing can have a very positive impact on the environment. Managed printing services will be more efficient than the alternatives, the writer noted. This means that companies can cut down on their use of ink, toner, paper and electricity, all of which can help to reduce the organization's overall environmental impact.

Money and time matters
Then there is the issue of money. Ponce emphasized that managed print services are often the most cost-effective option, allowing businesses to meet their printing needs without stretching their budgets. These vendors operate on larger scales, meaning they can offer their printing services for much lower costs than businesses would face if they attempted to handle these responsibilities themselves. 


[Using managed printing services] can alleviate cash flow problems because you always know exactly how much you'll spend on your printing services," Ponce wrote. "Your MPS provider can also provide good printing supplies at discounted prices."

This also speaks to the time factor. With managed printing services, businesses can sign up for recurring deliveries of always-needed documents, such as shipping labels and forms. Rather than wasting time and brain power on this task, the products can be delivered on a regular schedule.

All of this combines to make managed printing services an invaluable tool for businesses of all kinds.