Branded corporate gear can oftentimes seem nearly ubiquitous. Most people, be they business professionals or simply consumers, will likely have a stockpile of branded merchandise, from pens to coffee mugs to duffel bags and beyond. People love to collect and use these free offerings, but it's not always clear if it's worthwhile for the companies themselves to produce so much gear. Are the rewards truly worth the expenses?

There's no universal answer here. However, it is fair to say that, in most cases, the answer is probably a resounding Yes. Branded gear – especially the right kind of gear – can be a powerful tool for organizations.

To highlight the value that this merchandise can deliver, consider these three reasons why one particular type of item – branded notepads – is so valuable for companies that embrace it.

1. Raise awareness
The first and most obvious reason for a company to utilize branded merchandise of any kind is to raise awareness of the organization. Every time someone sees or, better yet, uses one of these products, he will be reminded of the organization, and become more likely to turn to that firm in the future.

Branded notepads can be particularly effective in this way for business-to-business firms. Employees at businesses of all kinds will need notebooks and pads on a recurring basis. Many will keep their notepads handy on their desks, where the company's logo will be visible at all times. And many of these individuals will later need to make business decisions relating to the notepad provider's market. If they are very familiar with this organization, thanks to the branded gear, they will most likely put that company near the top of their list of vendors to consider.

2. Promote a message
Beyond generally raising awareness of the business, branded notepads can have a powerful impact by subtly and implicitly promoting a message – one that speaks to the organization's value.

Consider this: Branded notepads remain prominent during important business-related activities, from client phone calls to internal reviews and brainstorming sessions. This creates an unmistakable connection between the brand and these responsibilities. While writing impactful notes, business professionals will see prominently the name of the company that provided the writing pad.

Compare that to the implicit message of other branded merchandise. A coffee mug may be used at the office, but it doesn't have much of anything to do with actual work. A duffel bag, t-shirt or hat is less likely to be used at all, much less in a work-related capacity. These items may raise brand awareness to a certain degree, but they don't indicate that the company is fully focused on the needs of a business, and that's a huge part of the value that branded gear can provide. 

3. Demonstrate quality
Finally, branded notepads are an excellent way to demonstrate a company's adherence to quality standards. 

Quality is important to any successful branded gear-based campaign. Low-quality products can still have a positive impact by raising awareness, but that falls short of the full potential that such efforts can deliver. 

However, it can be difficult to produce and provide free branded merchandise that is also high-quality. That is why so many companies' offerings, such as caps and t-shirts, tend to fall on the less impressive side. 

Yet branded notepads can be both high-quality and inexpensive to produce. Thick, sturdy, bright paper stock and crisp, cleanly-printed lines and other graphics are all it takes to make a notepad appear professional and attractive.

By working with the right business forms provider, firms can enjoy all of the benefits that branded notepads have to offer.