A business brand exists on many different levels, from something as simple as a logo to something as crucial as a company's core values. Either way, branding is a key component of any business. Andrew Cohen, a contributing writer for Entrepreneur, argued that doing things to manage a company's brand can result in tremendously profitable results.

But where does print fit into this mix? Easy. Print products are a great way to communicate your company brand to a wide audience. Contently, a content strategy blog, asserted that in a world full to the brim with digital media, high-quality print is an efficient and creative way to stand out.

Branding your company with print
Print products are an effective way to make a tangible impression on your customers – and it doesn't have to be limited to paper. Print products include promotional items such as print mugs, company calendars, branded pens and just about any other product you could think of.

Generally speaking, when consumers are given promotional products they see these products as gifts as opposed to marketing. As a result the recipients tend to hold onto the item for longer, making for stronger brand familiarity, according to Marketing Profs contributor Vladimir Gendelman. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute actually found that 84 percent of Americans remember the name of a business when they receive a branded item from that company, he reported.

If promotional products aren't your thing, a good old fashioned print marketing campaign can help further your company brand – especially when it is paired with social media. Print flyers, which some may view as outdated form of marketing, can help attract consumers to your social media site and further introduce them to your brand.

Another overlooked way to strengthen your brand via print is to send holiday cards to clients and partners, reported Cohen. One of the biggest benefits of branding is creating customers so loyal that they provide your business with free word-of-mouth advertising. Bringing your client-business relationship to a personal and friendly level with holiday card and well wishes can do wonders for your brand!

Creating a personal brand with print
Fast Company recently featured an extensive article titled The Brand Called You. In it contributing writer Tom Peters emphasized the importance of creating a personal brand in an individual age. As with a business, print is a great way to communicate your individual brand to the world.

Katherine Halek, writer for Entrepreneur, echoed this notion in a recent article. Halek pointed out a handful of ways to utilize print products to make your own brand shine. In the same vein as Contently, Halek views print as a great way to make yourself pop. This is particularly important when vying for a job with other candidates in the running. Try purchasing some textured business cards. Tactile memory is a great way to stimulate recognition, the mere act of holding an object in your hands improves the chances of remembering the person who handed it to you.

Beyond business cards, Halek suggested using presentation folders to supplement any power points you may present. The paper copy of a presentation works similarly with tactile memory and has the added bonus of being a back-up if an office ever goes off-line. Showcasing in a subtle way that you are prepared for any scenario can be a great brand-builder.

Overall, branding is a key component to success – whether it be personal or for an entire company. Print products are a great way to supplement your existing brand or can work to help your company create one from the ground up.