Even though paper distributors thrive on pamphlets and paper advertisements, they can still use email as an effective digital marketing tool. According to a study by McKinsey, 91 percent of United States consumers use email daily, and email was found to be 40 times more effective for marketing than Facebook and Twitter. 

Paper distributors can use email to their advantage and connect with customers through this simple technological resource. Here are five tips for companies looking to optimize their email marketing strategy: 

1. Use email centered around behaviors
Customers love feeling special and unique. When emails sent to them are personalized, they are much more effective. Companies should work to create emails that are triggered by customers behavior, according to Business 2 Community. Publipage noted that customized messages have an open rate of 70 percent. Organizations have a great opportunity to use this kind of tool to keep customers attracted to the business and in the loop. 

2. Integrate mobility 
Smartphones and personal devices have become a part of society. VerticalResponse insisted businesses should be making emails mobile – friendly for customers – as well as any kind of digital marketing. Company websites should be accessible on smartphones and look clean and well- designed on the screen. Paper distributors can be certain customers are checking plenty of their emails on their phones. 

3. Ask and communicate with the audience
Keeping up with customer communication is necessary to stay on top of any kind of marketing. VerticalResponse recommended companies ask their customers what they want to see from emails. Surveys are easy to conduct with resources such as SurveyMonkey, KwikSurveys and SurveyPlanet. Or, businesses can stand out and send paper surveys in the mail. 

4. Provide good content
What's in the emails being sent out also matters. Another article from Business 2 Community recommended providing tips, tricks, sales and offers can keep customers interested in the business. Pictures are also eye-catching. Paper distributors should display their products through email to get customers excited about what they can purchase. These pictures can be customized to each customer type they're sent to – such as businesses that want to look at business cards they can use versus individual customers who may want personalized items and stationary. 

5. Measure response and results
VerticalResponse highlighted the importance of measuring how content audiences are with emails. Communication with customers will help, but companies should also look at how much they're responding, opening emails and whether or not it's affecting sales. 

"Create content that suits your audience but also spend time measuring it," Jasmine Sandler, an independent digital marketing expert, told the source. "You need to measure it as much as you create it."

The paper industry doesn't have to resort to using paper alone. Using digital resources such as email keeps distributors in contact with customers while showing them how wonderful paper products are.