Being an advocate of print products doesn't mean digital advertising isn't a viable option. Social media has become a powerful tool in the corporate world and Business Review Australia recommended combining print advertising and social media channels to create fantastic marketing strategies.

Here are four advertising tips for print distributors:

1. Use hashtags
Business Review Australia suggested adding hashtags to print advertising. Social media users will be encouraged to type the hashtag right into their phones to see what it's all about. They can be added to business cards, posters, flyers, catalogs and billboards, and can fit anywhere. Hashtags don't need to be up front and garish, they can be a tiny feature in the corner of an advertisement.

However, distributors have to be sure to check whether or not the hashtag is already taken. It takes a creative mind to make a memorable hashtag, but it's worth it to see it trending on Twitter or Facebook.

2. Target a particular audience
Even on social media, posts and content need to be focusing on a certain demographic. They have to hook in the right targets to be optimally efficient for marketing purposes. PeformanceIN recommended conducting A/B tests to determine what sort of characteristics consumers want to see on social media. Distributors can measure analytics – such as return in revenue for paid advertising – to see what customers really like.

"You have to know your audience. Evaluate your clients and their specific needs to determine what will work best," Lin Grensing-Pophal, a freelance writer and marketing expert, told Business Review Australia. "Don't jump on the bandwagon just because it's the latest big thing."

3. Still print alongside social media channels
Despite the digital vs. print debate, Business Review Australia reported that online catalogs do not do as well as printed ones. As digital grows, print products become more unique. The print industry will do well in continuing to advertise through physical newsletters, pamphlets and printed information.

"Mailboxes aren't as cluttered, thanks to digital marketing," Grensing-Pophal told Business Review Australia. "But, the Web is getting more cluttered."

4. Be creative and innovative
When printers use physical means of advertising, they have to stand out. Business Review Australia insisted on consistency across all marketing channels, including social media and printed advertisements. Any Web presence should be updated regularly with a cycle of photos, videos and written content. Social media may be one of the first places customers go to find out information about any paper distributor, so companies must keep up with that outlet.

Packing must be interesting and eye-catching. The options are endless in this modern world, with the ability to create 3-D mailers and fun cutouts for customers. Making the message memorable will ensure consumers remember the company.

Being a part of the print industry doesn't mean shunning technological means. Social media can be extremely useful for any print distributor if it knows how to use it right. Companies have to learn to be consistent, creative and memorable to draw in an audience and convince them about the benefits of paper.