The paper industry has to focus on marketing more than anything else to compete with digital. Advertising is crucial to show the public how hard-copy documents are more beneficial than electronic ones.

Here are five marketing tips for distributors:

1. Make a great pitch
Workers have to have an elevator pitch prepared as though they are about to describe the benefits of paper to an individual. Employees must be able to grab a person's attention and reel them in to convince anyone through other advertising means, according to Business 2 Community. Companies should take the time to develop a pitch of their own so they can convince a person on the street if they have to.

This is crucial for the paper industry as it needs to be able to convince the public that paper grants more advantages than digital. An elevator pitch will guide employees in ways to advertise to potential customers quickly and honestly.

2. Personalization
Forbes highlighted how marketing content should match a particular audience to direct advertisements toward a particular demographic. It's most successful when advertisements are personalized, as they are more likely to hook clients and create interest.

Paper distributors should use personalization on paper items and display how hard-copy documents are more personalized and professional than digital ones. When someone receives a memo in paper form, it seems astute and planned, while an email appears almost too easy to create.

3. Coupons, rewards and incentives
Business 2 Community suggested businesses offer coupons to recruit new customers. When they receive a reward for doing business, they are encouraged to come back. And when there are more rewards in their future, it becomes easier to retain current customers.

For the paper industry, creating coupons and rewards from paper opens up the opportunity to be creative. Distributors that make eye-catching designs may also tout the benefits of paper coupons being more memorable than their digital counterparts.

4. Strong relationships
Organizations have to focus on retaining current consumers in the market rather than creating new ones. It's much less difficult to do so, and establishing guidelines for communications between customers and staff makes it easier to create strong connections, according to Forbes.

Long-lasting relationships in the paper industry are what has kept it going. The public still prefers hardcover and softcover books to ereaders due to their ability to immerse readers within the medium. It is also easier to comprehend what's on the page.

5. Offer the right amount of content
Forbes recommended providing just the right amount of content to customers and mixing up different kinds, including photos, writing content and rewards. Consistency within these within these advertisements is necessary.

As marketing develops, so will the brand, and customers will soon be able to recognize the company easily. Marketing for the paper industry may seem complicated, but as long as distributors focus on retaining their current audience and keeping informative and innovative, paper can overcome.