The print industry has been a helpful tool for marketing with billboards, posters and pamphlets being distributed on a business's behalf. However, printing distributors are now being challenged by the technological advancements and popularity of e-readers and screens. 

It's the responsibility of these organizations to educate their consumers, according to Packaging Europe. The advantages and options of the print industry need to be communicated clearly to consumers along with new and innovative applications for them to use. 

Social media and digital presses have certainly affected the hard-copy print industry, but consumers still prefer the feel and reliability of paper products. As long as distributors still advertise the benefits of using paper, consumers will still purchase and use it. 

Here are some tips to market in the print industry: 

1. Communicate and be creative creative
Onboardly recommended businesses listen to consumers to find out what exactly they are looking for. Since they create the need for supply, it's essential to figure out what is trending and what they want from the industry. Making this tactic successful needs creativity, however – since customers are surrounded by promotions and marketing from other industries and companies all day, new marketing strategies must be innovative. Working more with the public to determine what they want will make this easier, as well as knowing the target audience. 

2. Market and then improve the product
Marketing should always be a priority for any company, according to Onboardly. Since consumers are the key to revenue, marketing is crucial to ensure an active audience is present. After marketing is successful, the product can be innovated, changed and debuted for them. The source added that this can create a useful amount of feedback. 

3. Make the brand stand out 
Entrepreneur had various tips for creating a prospering brand including being memorable. Any marketing presence should be compelling and useful to those researching options within the industry, and distributors have the opportunity to be a resource for information and new ideas. Any content that is produced should be shareable – whether it's online or on paper. Being creative within the print industry is a must, so any marketing content produced should make the user feel satisfied after looking at it and encouraged to share it with others. 

4. Create a voice 
Onboardly mentioned how important it is to have a voice for a business, so that customers will be able to point out what the company is without any branding involved. This voice should be present across all marketing, including social media, PR and any type of media. 

Marketing properly in the print industry is crucial in such a technological world. These tips can help any distributor market creatively and better connect with its customers, which is the most important factor to keep in mind. The consumers are what change the product and make it evolve, so companies have to pay attention to their desires above all else.