As any sales or marketing professional who has been around for a while knows all too well, some of the smallest gestures to clients can come with the most significant advantages with respect to boosting loyalty and converting a greater percentage of prospects. Although the world has changed significantly in the past decade, and the evolution of consumer and private enterprise markets are showing no signs of slowing, some of the core best practices of management and client relations remain unchanged since the old days. 

Consumers and corporate purchasers are still often swayed by the same types of gestures and strategies that were effective long ago, and it is up to business leaders to understand how to craft a perfect plan to touch upon all of the preferences of today and tomorrow. The means of delivery for communications, gifts and the like are no doubt dramatically different and more complex today than in the past, but this does not mean that traditional measures are no longer relevant or effective. 

Digital efforts aside, there are still quite a few physical print-based sales and marketing products that can make waves among your clientele, both with respect to those who are already loyal to the brand and the ones that remain prospects in need of conversion. By adapting the following five print ideas to your specific brand focus, values and objective, you just might be able to separate yourself from the most serious competitors in your market. 

1. Custom letterhead pads
How well do you know your clientele? If your answer is "impeccably well," you might want to try sending out legal pads that have customized letterheads in accordance with what your customers like. Remember, customization and personalization have become two of the fundamental characteristics of a strong marketing and sales program in the past few years, and leveraging this type of print product can bring this otherwise digital trend to a more unique stature, boosting the brand's separation from competitors substantially. 

2. Calendars
Always a fan favorite, these are perhaps the best print products to send out in a sales and customer service strategy given how frequently they will actually be used. In fact, the most effective marketing, sales and customer loyalty products to be shipped to clientele will tend to be the ones that have the highest levels of functionality, such as mouse pads, paper weights and, of course, calendars. 

Consider shipping out customized calendars to your clientele to keep the image of your brand close to their eyes throughout the year. 

3. Postcards
Although snail mail appears to be going the way of the dinosaur today, a wealth of consumers and corporate decision-makers will still use the standard postal service for post cards and more light-hearted communications. Consider working with a developer and designer to come up with a set of customized post cards that you can send to your clientele after getting them printed up by your chosen print industry partner. 

4. Catalogues
Especially when the business is releasing a new line of products or services, or simply wants to make existing offerings more well-known and visible among prospects, catalogs sent out on an annual or quarterly basis can go a long way in strengthening sales and marketing performances for any company. However, these should not be mundane, black-and-white publications, but rather ones that exude the themes, missions and values of the brand. 

Send out product and service catalogues that have been developed with customer interests and preferences in mind to build conversation among prospects and loyal clientele at various stages throughout the year. 

5. File envelopes
When your prospects are generally other businesses, file envelopes can be an especially strong choice when deciding upon what types of complementary gifts should be distributed for sales and marketing purposes. These folders should be tailored to ensure that they actually have a good chance of being used by the recipients, but still have some resemblance to the brand itself since the main goal is raising visibility and recognition. 

With the help of a qualified print company, these and many more ideas can come to fruition in such a way that makes the most out of sales and marketing budgets over time.