In case you haven't heard, Coca Cola just released a fresh batch of psychedelic bottles – 2 million to be exact. According to the company's website, the vibrantly labeled glass containers are part of its new "Stay Extraordinary" campaign. The idea behind it is that every bottle is unique, just like diet Coke drinkers. Once again, the company has proved itself worthy when it comes to thought leadership. Here are four takeaways from Coca Cola's new campaign. 

1. Go big or go home
If there's one lesson to be learned from Coca Cola's new strategy, it's to go big. Sure, the company certainly has plenty of people who'll likely buy its attractively bottled products, however, Coke was once a little guy too. 

Just because your company isn't an empire quite yet, that doesn't mean it can't be. Don't hesitate when it comes to printing out your business cards or catalogs. You might not know one hundred people to hand them out to right now but that can serve as some motivation to get out there and do it. 

2. Make someone feel special
What's more, Coca Cola can produce 2 million of the same product yet somehow manage to individualize it. Entrepreneurs should use this strategy to make people feel special when it comes to selling something.

Oftentimes, winning someone over in a competitive market has more to do with emotion than it does with price tags, explained Alana Muller, guest writer for Forbes. This little nugget of information means that businesses should divert their attention to aiming for the hearts instead of slashing prices (although that's not a bad idea either).

3. Outdo yourself every time
Coca Cola is a prime example of why companies should reach higher with each new idea or strategy. The soda vendor rolled out the Share a Coke campaign over the summer. The company found a way to make the bottles more special and printed nearly 250 unique labels, but this time around it decided to create 2 million different labels. 

This lesson can be big and small. If a business wants to continue to grow, improve and inch towards higher goals, it can start off gradually with a new idea. If it works out then the company can go a bit further with it. If it doesn't it's back to the drawing board. 

4. Print can carry a company
Finally, the labels themselves are a lesson to the world that believes the print industry is dwindling. If 2 million labels isn't proof that companies should incorporate print into marketing campaigns, then what is? Coca Cola is certainly on its social media and digital strategy game, however, it proves that an investment in some print products accentuates a strategy.

Companies would be wise to continue to use print products such as catalogs, business cards and forms to complement digital efforts. Send out a flyer or piece of mail that links up with your Facebook page. 

The only way that your company is going to be as successful as Coca Cola is to start thinking like a big shot.