Women's Health magazine recently acquired at least 50,000 new subscribers and it all started with a box. According to AdWeek, Women's Health paired up with cosmetic company Birchbox for one of their latest brand strategies. Birchbox regularly mails complementary samples to clients in a cutely packaged box and last April it joined forces with Women's Health for this distribution process and the results were over the top. The collaboration of print industry people and those from other verticals has the potential to be wildly beneficial to both parties – here's how they pulled it off.

People like presents
For starters, people love things that are free. In the case of Birchbox and Women's Health, both companies gave a little something that yielded a nice return. These freebies work because people feel obligated to give back, according to Time magazine. The publication expressed that this has worked for many other giveaways: ice cream, donuts, comic books. Even if only a small percentage of people buy the product in the end, companies can still consider it a success because they managed to get their products to the consumer and out in the open, Time explained.

This could explain why such a high volume of people went on to subscribe to Women's Health. The box was a great promotional strategy that garnered subscribers by utilizing many channels. In the print realm, Women's Health published a story that corresponded with Birchbox's promotion, which went out to 32 million people according to AdWeek.

Social media helps
What's more, both companies received attention on social media through bloggers and consumers. Currently, Birchbox has 131,000 followers and Women's Health has 2.34 million. Interaction between the two accounts can reach a wider audience and even potentially bump up followers quite a bit on both sides. People who were happy to receive those little boxes in the mail posted pictures of them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This could create a domino effect because more people will want to receive free cosmetics from the reputable New York-based company. 

Word of mouth is such a powerful marketing tool. With a large population of followers, how could people not talk about Birchbox and Women's Health? The magazine topics alone could spark conversation. It was genius of Birchbox to pair up with a company that has the potential to further promote it. Articles on make up application, hair and many other lifestyles topics correlate with the products that Birchbox sells. It's a win-win for both.

Tips for imitators
Companies who wish to seal a similar deal to these two should take a few lessons from Birchbox and Women's Health's strategy. Entrepreneurs should give away a small product that relates to something they'd like to sell. What's more, companies should seek out a relationship with another organization that will be beneficial to both parties. For example, a phone company and a mobile security service provider could distribute a free gift that relates to both of their expertise.  

Following the Birchbox and Women's Health collaboration farther down the line, both companies continue to see increased subscriptions and sales, reported AdWeek. Other companies that can pull off this flawless campaign could also reap its benefits of increased revenue, customer engagement and product awareness.