Ideas are funny in that they seem to come to you all at once or not at all. If you regularly try to come up with new material for your marketing campaign, you might suck your brain dry from time to time. Keep your mind fresh and your ideas coming with these four tips. 

Make a lot of friends
After all is said and done, you might just want to curl up and avoid the rest of the world, but this might keep you from getting some fresh perspective. As Inc. magazine pointed out, chatting up friends who are new and old is a great way to generate new ideas. Hearing it come from someone else's mouth might jog your memory and open your mind to a place that you weren't able to reach on your own. Whether you're in your office or at happy hour, listen up to what the world around you is saying. Most of your friends will be the ones who you'll need to reach out to via your content anyhow. 

Take note in little things
When you're en route to work how many details do you notice? From your apartment to the train to your office, did you happen to see the new sign on the coffee shop window? B2B marketer Jodie Ellis explained how admiring simple things keeps him inspired. Glance at your cellphone, the floors and the sky, like he does, to get the extra push you need. 

Step away from your work
If you are really having a tough time thinking about your next move, take a walk around the block or something. Just step away from whatever you're working on for a few minutes. Entrepreneur contributor Steve Tobak explained that disconnecting is important because email and Twitter can be a major distraction. How many times do you click refresh on your twitter feed to see the next five 140-character messages? Probably a lot more than you'd like to admit. 

Do what you like
Tobak also covered the importance of doing what you enjoy as a means of inspiration. Commit yourself to a personal project or goal that's not related to work. If you're a writer, start a food or wine blog. If you like video editing, make a fun and short film and enter it in a contest. You can even hit this mark by signing up for stuff that's not related to your field. Join a running or a biking team. Sign up for the new yoga studio in town or take a spinning class. Tobak stated that when he works out, he feels it helps clarify his thoughts. 

The bottom line is, if you can't seem to draw up new ideas, you need to look elsewhere for a little assistance. Indulging in the world around you can be a free and effective way to come up with some new ideas and also keep you happier.