Businesses that try to keep up with digital marketing efforts of competitors might be shooting themselves in the foot. As Inc. magazine expressed – why try to blend in when you can stand out? If everyone and anyone is rushing to adopt marketing techniques to keep up with competition then how are they supposed to get noticed among the crowd? This doesn't mean you shouldn't incorporate blogs and social media posts but it does mean that perhaps print can be your company's niche that makes it noticeable among millions of other existing brands. 

Get weird with it
Stop what you're doing right now if you're trying to come up with a new brand entirely. Inc. magazine explained that this strategy is oftentimes unnecessary and it's ineffective – it wastes your time and money. Instead try to work with what you have but offer something to everyone without any additional appeal. You should pursue the "weird" elements of your brand, suggested the source.

This broad suggestion can be applied in a number of ways. The weird part could be something that you actually don't want to show off. Maybe since your company has adopted video blogs and you've got a good following on Facebook, you've hidden your flyers and catalogs in a closet somewhere.

Nothing embarrassing here
If that's the case, then unleash this weirdness. When's the last time you've received a funny and quirky piece of mail? Nowadays, a lot of people have pulled back on mailing out content, despite its past successes. Send your clients a useful but clever flyer or discount card in the mail. You might be surprised to find that you have a line of people at your business who have these pieces of paper in hand. 

In other cases, companies have pulled the plug on catalogs or print publications. They might even be ashamed to admit that they had started one in the first place. Forget that noise. Don't feel ashamed of something that you thought was a good idea. Instead of canceling a magazine, revamp it. Plug into reputable resources and prominent people to produce content that's enjoyable. In case you haven't noticed, all of those people on the train or in the coffee shop, they're still clutching books, magazines and newspapers. 

Make them believers
Inc. magazine also suggested that companies try to reach out to a new audience if they'd like to turn up their marketing game. Tapping into an unexpected group of people who aren't exactly a part of your target audience could be a great way to boost business. 

You don't have to take a shot in the dark, either. If you want to expand your audience, start by thinking creatively. Entrepreneur explained how a coffin salesman reached a broader group of people. His services typically pertain to a group of people who wish to be buried in style. Typically these folks have a strong sense of humor and a little extra money to invest in a coffin. However, the company is able to rake in some extra cash with cool t-shirts during Halloween. 

Meatballs with a new bed
If your company has a specific service, maybe you can invent something inexpensive and cool that people want that isn't directly related to your business. As Inc. explained, maybe you can try to be more like IKEA and offer Swedish meatballs to go with that new bedroom set.  

Whatever route you choose, focus on making your company stand apart instead of blending in. It can be more lucrative for your business in the long run. No one likes a bore.