Be nimble, be creative, be agile, advised marketing guru Robert Schuman in an article published on Mashable. His lesson was that small businesses could look to large enterprises for marketing tips. Many SMBs don't have the resources of their 'deep pocketed rivals' but that doesn't mean they can't get on the same level. His expertise is based on the digital platform but his words speak volumes to print marketers as well. 

"If you get a marketing program right, you can set a category on its head," explained Schuman, according to the news source. "The big guys have scale, so they can be kind of a beta test for innovative marketing. Small companies can find useful data points and adapt some of those tactics for their own purposes."

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Marketing is all about telling a story. A chief creative officer told Mashable that SMBs can compete on an emotional level with large enterprises if they remember to aim for the heart of what the client really needs. Hosting an event is a way to get people to talk about a business, a product. The memory of the event can have a lasting impact on the consumers. With so many of the same products available to people, it's vital that business owners do something unique. Educating clients on products and keeping them up to date with the latest industry news has been an effective way that large businesses have composed and maintained a brand. Big data analytics have proven benefits, for example an increase in customer retention, happiness and even a company's revenue. But this technique does not separate the print marketers from the digital ones. Some clever business leaders have learned how to converge traditional and modern techniques to maximize results. Many of the same points were made in an article on marketing strategies published by Business 2 Community.

"Balancing online marketing with tried and true offline techniques keeps your business visible to local audiences and helps establish credibility," asserted Mark Krenn, a contributor to the news source and co-founder of a print marketing company on the West Coast. "Work these and other "old-school" methods into your advertising strategy to grow your customer base and stay ahead of the competition."

Going Offline
Print and digital are meeting in the middle as some companies distribute catalogs integrated with search engine optimization keywords that link the reader to the product once they search for it online. In return, providing customers with a physical reminder of a business is a way to engage them, a goal commonly shared with the digital marketers. Creating custom banners and signs can be enticing to customers, according to the source. Some organizations use them to advertise  a sale or promotion to drive business. Krenn asserted that handing out business cards at company events is a simple but effective way to personalize relationships with customers.

At the end of the day, SMBs can learn from large counterparts and some of the most useful advice is relevant to digital and print platforms. Those who aren't afraid to integrate the two mediums could stay ahead of the curve.