With the right partnership, there's no telling what kind of solution enterprises will have at their disposal.

Digital marketing has allowed brands to measure the success of their advertising campaigns by leveraging data analytics. Many are now entering the realm of forecasting, which helps them figure out how to tailor solutions based on anticipated consumer trends. Numerous companies use predictive software to enhance their marketing strategies – but how can such technology be used to improve print?

A two-way relationship
Two enterprises believe they've found a way. According to Inman News, predictive analytics developer Benutech and print marketing company Corefact recently combined their services. Through the agreement, the two organizations hope to provide real estate professionals with a solid way to find homeowners who are likely to sell their property and target them with marketing materials.

Benutech's analysis
The source noted that Benutech specializes in creating software, named ReboGateway, that enables users to comb through geographic data and search for prospective sellers. The program notifies agents when a homeowner encounters a specific change in their livelihood, such as:

  • A divorce is filed
  • A probate notice is issued
  • An eviction letter is sent
  • Someone defaults on their mortgage loan
  • A house is put up for sale
  • Taxes on a home fail to be paid

Corefact's platform
In turn, Corefact offers real estate professionals the opportunity to use a Web-based marketing provision, which provides them with brand design and print services. Customers can send postcards, design flier patterns and distribute brand-specific newsletters. Business cards can also be developed for personal use.

Essentially, the data produced by Benutech's system can be fed directly into Corefact's system, allowing print manufacturers to immediately create and deliver marketing forms.

"The Corefact system and ReboGateway's data go together like peanut butter and chocolate," said Benutech Business Development Director Brian Fox, as quoted by the source. "They really are a perfect match. This is a win-win for the real estate agent utilizing our systems."

Challenge for print manufacturers
This process is appropriate given the quick-acting market businesses partake in today. However, it also puts an incredible amount of pressure on print manufacturers to produce materials on demand.

The logical step to take is to synchronize the Corefact-Benutech solution with factory software. That way, materials can be automatically printed the minute an organization submits an order.

Future potential
However, optimal as this delivery system may be, it falls just short of finding a way to integrate the printed materials into the data collection process. TechRadar acknowledged the presence of near field communications technology, a short-range wireless link that can transfer data from one device to another.

Essentially, print manufacturers could create materials submitted by Corefact-Benutech customers that possess digital tags similar to barcodes. For example, upon receiving a brochure, people can take a picture of one of two bar codes. One signifies a homeowner is interested in speaking with a real estate agent while the other shows they are not.

The possibilities remain endless. Integrating technology with a print marketing strategy can produce unique results that have so far been unacknowledged.