Digital channels are great for reaching a lot of people but not so good when it comes to face-to-face human interaction. It's challenging to tell the exact tone and facial expression of the person behind a Facebook post. What's more, so many businesses are becoming enthralled by technology that it's actually special for an organization to reach out to people in person. Here are some ways that print products add a human touch to an organization. 

Ways to bond
Whenever someone distributes a print product in person, it's a chance for him or her to connect with another human being. It's personal and individualized. It's an opportunity to have small talk and clients can inquire more about a company if they have any questions. If the products are handed out at an event, it'll give fellow entrepreneurs something to talk about later on. 

Meeting people at events is a great way to connect and form a community, according to Marketing Profs. Having that ground automatically establishes a relationship even if the two people meeting only had a chance to talk briefly. On the same note, a company can hold an event and give out printed flyers or catalogs there. In one example, a company called Ticketleap held an event that got rained out, however, nine people showed up anyway. The event turned out to be a big success despite the small turnout because those few people who held out had the chance to meet with others from the company and they truly got to know them. It turns out, that handful of people uploaded many posts about the event to Facebook and Instagram – an instant success.

Build trust
These preliminary bonds can turn into relationships. Since the client or fellow businessperson already knows about the company, they'll have ways to remain in touch and the relationship can move forward. This is crucial for verticals across the board because people tend to like to do business with others that they like, suggested Forbes. Making people feel appreciated and special can make them want to return to a business. 

To keep a relationship going, business leaders can send out catalogs, promotional flyers but also little thank you cards. The polite gesture goes a long way and people enjoy receiving gratitude, stated Forbes. When addressing the client via a print product, business leaders should get specific and tell them exactly why they're thankful. This will make it a more personal and memorable experience for both parties. A handwritten note is one of the most powerful forms of expression, according to the source. 

Once a company has reached a client's heart, that person can bring in more business. Flyers, catalogs, coupons and other little print products are a great way to establish business relationships and trust with consumers. It reaches out to people in ways that digital marketing techniques don't.