John Patton

I have had a great relationship with Wide Business Forms through the years and would recommend them to anyone. Pricing, quality and service has been excellent.

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Barbara Spicer

Working with Wise is a breeze. Whether it is proposing on a new job, checking status or processing repeat jobs, Wise is right on - and quick to respond.

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Annie Solfronk

I have excellent communication with the staff, I get answers quickly to questions and quotes, they have been thorough in processing my orders and questioning any unclear issues. Turnaround has been timely and when requested advanced if possible.

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Anne Ryan

I like working with the people at Wise. Everyone works to help me meet the demands of my customers. I enter most of my orders through WISELINK which I find easy to use and efficient.

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Floyd Kuzdzal

I have more than 30 years experience with Wise and they have consistently provided quality products at competitive and consistent pricing with superb customer service. They always do what they say or better. Plus nice people to work with.

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Jean Hardesty

They are very efficient. Always respond in a timely manner. Easy to work with. Very Friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps.

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Babs Jordan

Wise is dependable from their customer service to the product they ship to my customer. Once I give them my order, I no longer need to worry about it. I know it will be done on time and shipped out in packaging that will be a quality product for the end user.

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Kyle Wagner

Wise has always been very responsive to ours and our customers needs. They have done very good work for us and are very confident in their company.

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Juli Bazinet

I have never had any problems with production or delivery at all. They are professional and understand that promised delivery dates are essential for good customer service.

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John Campbell

You are one of the most professional factories that we work with. You always out-perform even our high expectations. In addition, everyone we deal with is a delight. They address our needs and our issues with effectiveness and might I say charm (lol). In short you guys are the best.

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