To book your training camp please contact one of our regional sales managers in your area today:

Randy Albertson
Regional Sales Manager – Midwest

Roger Lindsey
Regional Sales Manager – Mid-Atlantic

Lisa Parks
Regional Sales Manager – South

Jon Wright
Regional Sales Manager – Southeast

Vince Hanhold
Regional Sales Manager – East

Our objective is for our distributor partners to understand the capabilities, products and services of Wise Business Forms. By the end of our Training Camp, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the forms printing and manufacturing process as you take a tour through our production facility.
  • Know where the custom forms business has been, where it is today and what lies ahead in the future.
  • Understand what Wise does to support and add value to your selling efforts on all fronts including marketing, sales, on-line support and post-sales assistance.
  • Realize existing, new and continued revenue opportunities selling custom printed business forms.
  • Describe the forms printing process and become a valuable resource to your print clients.
  • Know, understand and relate to continuous multi-part forms, unit/snap sets, cut-sheet forms, pads & other forms.
  • Understand how an order is processed through a business forms manufacturer.
  • Know what specifications are required to submit an order, including artwork.
  • Have a general understanding of forms pricing principles.
  • “Talk The Talk” and learn several key buzzwords and terms used in the print and forms business.
  • Navigate our website ( for valuable Wise information, market specific support tools and industry blogs.
  • Access WiseLink: THE industry “Gold Standard” for on-line support tools to help you Win business and Keep business.
  • Take home a binder of all the information covered in our “Training Camp”… because we all know that we retain only 20% of all information covered in a presentation. Good GO TO reference information for later on.