The state of West Virginia currently follows federal requirements for prescription pads as set forth by the CMS. In addition to federal requirements the state also requires the following:

Prescriptions in West Virginia must meet the requirements of the “West Virginia Official Prescription Program.”

The requirements of the program are as follows: The official West Virginia prescription paper shall be authorized by the board through a program vendor or vendors in batch quantities, which paper may be serially numbered and unable to be altered, copied, or counterfeited. Blank prescription paper shall not be transferable. The official prescription paper shall be provided to appropriate practitioners and facilities at a fee established by legislative rule. Official tamper-resistant forms:

  1. Shall meet all requirements issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for a written prescription for controlled substances as required by Section 2002(b) of PL. 110-28 of the Iraq War Supplemental Appropriations Bill enacted by the United States Congress in 2007;
  2. Shall contain six (6) quantity check-off boxes printed on the form and in the following quantities:
  3. 1-24;
  4. 25-49;
  5. 50-74;
  6. 75-100;
  7. 101-150; and
  8. 151 and over:

Provided, That if the blank has the quantity prescribed electronically printed in both numeric and word format, then the quantity check-off boxes shall not be necessary;

  1. Shall contain space for the prescriber to indicate number of refills, if any, or to indicate no refills;
  2. Shall provide space for the patient”s name and address, the prescribing practitioner”s signature;
  3. Shall provide space for the preprinted, stamped, typed, or manually printed name, address and telephone number of the prescribing practitioner, and the practitioner”s DEA registration number and NPI number;
  4. Shall contain the following statement printed on the bottom of the prescription blank: “This prescription may be filled with a generically equivalent drug product unless the words ‘Brand Medically Necessary’ are written in the practitioner’s own handwriting, on this prescription form.”
  5. Each blank must be numbered on the face with a unique identifying control number in both human readable and barcode format.

State Requirements

All states are required to meet the baseline standards set forth by the CMS. Several states have Prescription Monitoring Programs that require prescription pads to have specific security features.

For in-depth information regarding specific state requirements choose from the list below.


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