Prescribers must purchase secure blanks from a New Jersey approved vendor. As of August 18, 2014 the state of New Jersey will implement the following requirements for prescription blanks:


  • Thermo chromic ink:
    • This is a special ink incorporated into the prescription blank that changes color in response to body heat. The heat-activated ink appears in a small Rx logo on the front of the prescription. It fades when touched, and returns to its original color when it cools.
  • Hidden word feature:
    • If copied paper will display “VOID” or “ILLEGAL”
  • 5 point micro-printing:
    • The front of each prescription blank includes a line of microprint that is readable when viewed at 500 percent magnification. However, when scanned or photocopied the microprint becomes illegible.
  • 15 digit identification number:
    • A unique identifying number is assigned for each prescription blank. The alphanumeric code provides specific information on each script, including the identity of the vendor, the vendor’s order number, and a six-digit serial number for each separate prescription blank.
  • Barcoding:
    • Printed on the front of each prescription blank is a barcode that matches the unique 15-digit identification number described above. The barcode enables pharmacists to scan prescription data into the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (NJPMP). The NJPMP records all prescription sales of Controlled Dangerous Substances and Human Growth Hormone throughout the state. NJPMP is operated by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • List:
    • All security features are listed on the back of each prescription blank.
  • Color:
    • The new prescription blanks are now printed on green in the front and blue on the back, the exact opposite of the previous version. The idea is to enable the prescriptions to be more easily distinguished from the old blanks.

State Requirements

All states are required to meet the baseline standards set forth by the CMS. Several states have Prescription Monitoring Programs that require prescription pads to have specific security features.

For in-depth information regarding specific state requirements choose from the list below.

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