The state of Delaware currently follows federal requirements for prescription pads as set forth by the CMS. In addition to federal requirements, the state of Delaware requires the following:

  1. The back shall contain an artificial watermark reading “Delaware Security Prescription” horizontally in a step-and -repeated pattern in 5 lines, using 12-point Helvetica bold type style, printed in white or transparent non-penetrating ink, which is visible to the human eye when viewed only at a 45 degree angle. This feature must also appear fluorescent green under a black light. A friction activated (thermochromic) ink must be present in several locations on the back of each prescription and should change color or disappear when heated (reacts to body heat). It should return to its original color when cooled. The back shall also contain a chart listing all security features.


  • Perforations: Laser cross perforations (full horizontal & full vertical) divide each sheet into approximately 4 equal sections that measure 4-1/4″x 5-1/2″. Perforations must be compatible with a laser printing environment the paper must feed effectively and operate trouble-free across a wide range of laser devices by various manufacturers.
  • Vendors shall provide proof of and shall maintain a valid State of Delaware Business Licensure. Failure to comply with the State of Delaware licensing requirements may subject the vendor to applicable fines and/or interest penalties.
  • Controlled Substance Quantity must be completed in both textual and numeric formats (e.g. #45 forty-five.)
  • “Effective October 1, 2010, every prescription written in this state by a practitioner shall be written on a statewide authorized tamper-resistant prescription form.”

State Requirements

All states are required to meet the baseline standards set forth by the CMS. Several states have Prescription Monitoring Programs that require prescription pads to have specific security features.

For in-depth information regarding specific state requirements choose from the list below.


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