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Document Security

CheckPoint® is a comprehensive document security program, designed to increase your business and profits while giving your customers peace of mind. CheckPoint is rich in features and papers providing your customers with the convenience, flexibility and security they need to minimize their exposure to fraud alteration attempts. With CheckPoint, your customers have options!


Security Papers

DocuCheck Basic®
DocuCheck Basic® provides affordable security and fraud resistance for any need and is suitable for multiple applications. It has been tested for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, Optical Character Recognition and laser compatibly. DocuCheck Basic® has proven to work in multiple applications and printers.

  • Invisible Fibers
  • Primary Indicator Stains
  • TonerFuse® II

DocuCheck Ghost®
DocuCheck Ghost® upgrades fundamental protection with an artificial watermark. This enhancement simplifies authentication and deters counterfeiting with a subtle but distinct pattern on the document’s reverse side. In conjunction with other in-paper and on-paper elements, DocuCheck Ghost® provides a potent entry-level defense against fraud.

  • Artificial Watermark
  • Invisible Fibers
  • TonerFuse® II
  • Primary Indicator Stains
  • TechMark® PenTick Plus™

DocuCheck Watermark®
DocuCheck Watermark® Security Papers deliver the protection and prestige of a true fourdrinier watermark. When combined with on-paper printing enhancements, DocuCheck Watermark® Security Papers provide the highest levels of security available in a non-custom paper stock. DocuCheck Watermark® meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Paper Specifications for Checks, the Mexican Cecoban and the Canadian Payment Association Standards.

  • Artificial Watermark
  • Invisible Fibers
  • TonerFuse® II
  • Primary Indicator Stains
  • TechMark® PenTick Plus™

Security Features

True Fourdrinier Watermarks

A true watermark shows a negative image in reflected light and a positive image in transmitted light; virtually impossible to reproduce by fraudulent means.

Visible Fibers

Red and blue fibers are randomly embedded into the paper on both sides, making paper stock duplications difficult.

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers

Visible only under UV light; confirm a document’s authenticity because they can’t be photocopied or scanned.

TonerFuse® II Coatings

To protect documents that include toner-printing, these coatings bond the toner to the paper fibers. Now nearly twice as effective as other brands. Several coatings are available to meet the needs of specific applications.

TechMark® PenTick Plus™

When touched with a special proprietary Swiper Pen, original TechMark PenTick Plus™ documents display a distinct but temporary mark.

Endorsable CB™

Unique coating on the CB side that prevents pen skipping problems common with carbonless brands.

Artificial Watermark

This technique creates a subtle reflective pattern visible when viewed at different angles. The image can’t be scanned or copied, or reproduced with digital printers.

Indicator Stains

These measures protect against alteration by changing color when exposed to agents such as bleaches, solvents, acids or bases. Provide easily recognizable signs of attempted alteration.


In the whitepaper “In the Crosshairs“, we examine how to protect your financial instruments from the growing problem of document fraud. Even though anti-fraud controls can effectively reduce the likelihood and potential impact of fraud, the truth is that no entity is immune to this threat. However, there are tried and true ways to protect your documents from fraudulent attempts.

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