It's no secret that the world is increasingly becoming a digital playground. Nearly every industry has been touched by the technological boom in one way or another. However, this means that when it comes to digital media it is more difficult to stand out.

Nowhere is this truer than in advertising. Online platforms are over-saturated with all different types of digital ads, causing many consumers to turn away. Ironically, print is largely a novelty in the media world and as such it is an increasingly useful tool for marketers looking to shake things up. Let's take a look at four ways print media is a major advantage in today's digital market.

1. Less competition: Like we said, nearly everyone has gone digital. Thus, the print market has a lot less competition. What is more likely to grab your eye, a print flier or an online banner advertisement? We'd be willing to bet that you'd stop to look at that print advertisement. When you want to stand out in marketing the first step is to go where there is less competition. In this regard, print has got digital beat by miles. Try using print marketing as a way to escape the cluttered digital market. We promise your business prospects will take notice. 

2. More effective: Consider this, a study by eMarketer found that 18-to 34-year-olds were more likely to ignore online ads compared to other forms of advertisements such as newspapers. A different study by Info Link reported that the average user sees 1,903 online ads per month yet 50 percent of users never click on digital ads. But when it comes to direct mail, or printed advertisements, 79 percent of consumers act on those items directly, reported The Drum. Additionally, 79 percent of professionals in the business to business market deem direct mail products to be either 'effective' or 'very effective,' according to The CMO Council. Clearly, when it comes to efficiency print has a leg up compared to the digital market.

3. Attention-grabbing: Advertisements are created with the intention of getting people to stop and look (and then, hopefully make a purchase). Direct mail is particularly powerful when trying to grab people's attention. A study by The United States Postal Service found that on average people spend 30 minutes reading their mail. Further in the study the researchers conclude that this time commitment may suggest that print marketing does a better job of grabbing people's attention – making print a powerful marketing tool.

4. Memorable: Once a marketer has grabbed your attention, the company wants you to walk away remembering the message. A separate study by USPS found that direct mail has online advertisements beat in this regard as well. The study reported that a week after being exposed to both a physical and online ad, the participants were more confident in their memory of the printed marketing. Moreover, the respondents had a stronger emotional response to the printed product compared to the digital; including an increased stimulation in areas of the brain connect to value and desire. Essentially, these printed advertisements induce better memory retention and create an emotionally charged response – sounds like a win-win to us.

Print salespeople should keep these marketing advantages in mind. In an increasingly competitive market, it is important to find unique sales propositions for potential new business. While many print channels are declining, print marketing is still a very lucrative market for print distributors.