Paper has been a part of some modern misconceptions – mostly the idea that the public prefers digital over hard-copy documents. However, even those who use digital still admit they prefer paper because of the feel of it in their hands.

Paper distributors have to find new ways to adapt to this technological world and market their product. They must recognize their competitors and build up their marketing campaign through comparison.

Here are five business marketing tips for paper distributors:

1. Be creative
Practical Ecommerce recommended companies find innovative ways to advertise. For example, not many businesses are using paper newsletters anymore. The paper industry can use this to its advantage and send out pamphlets to make itself stand out. Many businesses resort to digital, which can be a weak method. It's very easy to ignore or overlook emails, but paper catches the eye.

2. Pay attention
It's very important to keep an eye on the competition. Entrepreneur highlighted this strategy and added to keep the product in mind. It has to evolve with the times and differentiate itself against the competition. This is easy to do with paper, as it compares favorably with digital. Customers prefer it over digital and have better comprehension using hard-copies. If distributors advertise this, they can find improved ways to market their product.

3. Accept failure
Being successful means learning from mistakes, and Entrepreneur insisted businesses encourage failure from their employees. Innovation takes patience and mistakes. Defeat may even be consistent, but companies need to keep in mind that they're learning from them. If something doesn't work, get rid of it, accept the event and move onto another idea.

4. Make relationships
Businesses should never focus on getting new customers alone. They need to look at the customers they have and develop relationships with them. GeekWire highlighted how important trust is between salespeople and customers. The paper industry can take the problems people have with digital and advertise its own product as a solution.

"You won't buy from someone unless you have confidence that they understand what your problem is and they can solve it," Dan Tyre, executive of Hubspot, told the source. "Building trust means the customer is putting the solving of a business problem in your hands, and you have an ethical and moral requirement to make sure your solution will be better."

5. Be unique
The best thing about paper is that it's entirely different from digital. The advantages are endless – being able to understand the content better, improved memorization and a positive feeling about being able to hold paper in one's hand. The goal is to differentiate from the paper industry's competitors by marketing these benefits to its audience.

It's always challenging to fight against competitors in the technology industry, but it's possible. Paper is never going away due to the public's preferences. If distributors take note of what the public wants and how they prefer hard-copy documents over digital, they can market their product better.