Print distributors that have made a business out of selling tangible marketing materials, business cards, checks, prescription pads and other such materials have found solace in Web-to-print solutions. 

Goodbye manual processing 
Public authorities and business leaders alike order an incredible amount of print products on a consistent basis. Some file shipments on an easy-to-anticipate basis, purchasing a new stack of forms every two months or so.

However, depending on seasonal demands and shifts in economic activity, distributors can encounter sporadic inventory requests. Web-to-print solves the complications involved with manually organizing thousands of monthly orders. InfoTrends noted that such software is capable of conducting the following tasks: 

  • Keep a thorough, electronic history of a customer's entire purchase order
  • Automatically calculate shipping expenses based on buyer location
  • Recommend certain products to loyal patrons 
  • Keep a real-time track of deliveries in
  • Allows customers to easily find information

An avenue of communication 
Web-to-print is more than just a dedicated financial record-keeper and order fulfillment engine. The technology can also be leveraged as a sort of customer relationship management tool. A number of software developers allow their provisions to be customized to the specific needs of their patrons. 

If Web-to-print sanctions a digital connection between print distributors and their customers, it's imperative for the former contingency to exercise the solution's full capabilities. Marketing campaigns can be more in-depth, and informative conversations with material purchasers can occur more easily. 

A viable sales asset 
As an advanced Web-to-print solution is capable of keeping an accurate record of all past and ongoing transactions a customer is involved in, the software will act a reference point for sales people looking to market materials that are difficult to get off their racks. Jennifer Matt, a contributor to WhatTheyThink​, noted that this capability allows print sales professionals to do three things:

  1. Improve insight: For example, if an organization has purchased an incredible amount of customized postcards used for marketing campaigns, a salesperson could recommend more detailed product or service catalogs. 
  2. Grow: Because a majority of the transactions can be self-serviced, sales professionals can sanction more purchases in a short amount of time. Expanding the amount of daily orders helps them network with new customers and appeal to different audiences. 
  3. Focus on the trade: On a rudimentary level, it could be said that salespeople are also accountants. However, this administrative duty deters them from building relationships with new prospects. In addition, the software isn't prone to making the mistakes that often occur when people crunch numbers. 

A boon to the warehouse, manufacturers
As far as logistics are concerned, Web-to-print can significantly reduce the time it takes to deliver products simply because warehouse personnel will be notified the minute an order is placed. However, the digital solution must be synchronized with a distribution center's management solution. 

It should also be noted that those producing the printed materials can gain more business. Web-to-print can allow enterprises to customize checks, business cards and other materials to fit their personal brands. Therefore, print manufacturers capable of producing those forms must be contracted.